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The fun spud!

Tempura Potato is a pretty cool guy. No one is 100% on what makes him the cool guy he is. He just is. Like the human soul, it's possible that the ethereal value of coolness simply cannot be measured.

T.P. has a bit of a cough syrup problem. And the problem isn't needing a lot of it because he has a cold.

I mean, he's not even the star of the comic and he's on top of the page. I wish I were that cool...


Meat the hero

Negamaki is a beef-based good guy. He's not very proud of his veggie center because he thinks it makes him seem weak, but he's really a brew-pounding alpha male stud if you just let him be one. When he's not hanging out with Tekkamaki and Shiitake, Negamaki likes introspective activities like flexing.

Don't let the cooked meat fool you, he's really quite strong. Do you even bench? I bet you don't.



Autobots, tuna roll out!

You know that guy who's on the level, an all around bro, but you can't quite see him on his own? That's Tekkamaki. T-dog is sort of like a witty co-star. He has the stuff to contribute to the team, but he lacks the star power for a spin-off of his own.

Tekkamaki's tuna center makes him a classic. Chicks dig consistency. Like, really! A guy who doesn't even look good can bat WAY out of their league if they're reliable.



Oh Shiitake!

Okay, okay. Shiitake is that kid who always would eat anything for a dollar. You know he's not really a  self-starter or a leader, but he's great to have around.

Shiitake is a little unright in the head. He's totally clean from a psychological point of view, but you know deep down those beady little eyes have seen some crazy shit.

Shiitake's house is pretty sweet too. He lives with his mom (he just can't make rent on his own, man), but seriously? That lady is NEVER around. His basement pad is slick as all hell and there's a Bilco door in the back in case the cops show up, which is totally not gonna happen! The neighbors never report a thing in that hood.


He in the most high be praised

Tamago is a peer to the rest of the crew in the sense that they're around the same age. Clinically, you'd call them members of the same cohort. A finely cooked piece of egg wrapped a rice paper sheathe, you'll most recognize him as that thing your buddy eats when he says he loves sushi to impress a girl, then has to show it.

Has a verbal tick ('Jesus') that he's working on.